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What is a foster home?

A foster home is a temporary living situation for a homeless dog. Our organization relies on foster homes to temporarily house our homeless pets who have been pulled for rescue and transport out of the State of Texas. The foster home provides for the physical and emotional needs of the pet until the scheduled day of transport. These needs include food, water, shelter and lots of TLC! The number of dogs we are able to save depends on the number of people who are able to open their homes and hearts to fostering.

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The time in a home also allows us to find out more about the pet’s personality. A shelter environment cannot provide a true look at the dog’s personality due to the natural chaos of the shelter environment. The small living space, large barking dogs and many unfamiliar faces puts the pet’s stress level at an ultimate high. In a home environment, the foster parents will be able to provide feedback to rescue volunteers regarding their temperament, likes/dislikes and what type of permanent home would work well for the foster pet.

What are the expectations of a foster family for a dog?

Our expectations for fostering a puppy or dog are no different than what we would provide for our own pet on a daily basis:

  • A clean and safe environment
  • Providing fresh food, water and shelter
  • Provide adequate socialization on a daily basis
  • Closely watch for any new medical changes and immediately alert us of any concerning signs
  • Transporting the puppy/dog to the veterinarian for scheduled medical appointments

The length of time for fostering a homeless dog or puppy depends on the scheduled transportation date and meeting particular medical requirements before transport across state lines. For a puppy, it will be until they have received their 2nd round of shots, plus 10 days; and receive a health certificate from a veterinarian. For an adult dog, it will be until they have received their 2nd round of shots, plus 5 days; and receive a health certificate from a veterinarian. All dogs and puppies will be expected to remain in an indoor home during fostering, and fosters will only use positive reinforcement to begin teaching manners, crate training, house training, etc

Please review the following information regarding foster expectations. After you have read through this information, please proceed to email us.

  • Foster agrees to give the foster pet food, indoor shelter, and kind and loving care for a limited period of time. Foster agrees to notify Pets Going Places immediately if the pet escapes or becomes ill.
  • Foster understands that Pets Going Places may not have prior knowledge of the pet’s temperament, and will take due care to protect anyone who may come into contact with the pet from harm.
  • Foster will not seek to hold Pets Going Places responsible for damage to property or injury to persons or other animals while foster pet(s) are in the care of Foster.
  • Pets Going Places will be financially responsible for any veterinary care it deems necessary for the fostered pet at a veterinarian of Pets Going Places’ choice, if prior written approval has been received from Pets Going Places, and if the Foster’s neglect or misconduct did not cause the needed care.
  • Foster agrees that any pet fostered by him/her remains the property of the named rescue who has pulled the pet for rescue, and that Foster will not relocate the pet from the primary residence of Foster or dispose of it in any manner without prior written notice and approval of Pets Going Places.
  • Foster will return the pet to a Pets Going Places representative immediately upon request.

The first step (after reviewing the above information) toward becoming a foster home for Pets Going Places is to fill out our foster application. Please use the button below to send an email to our volunteers, Pets Going Places representative will contact you as soon as possible.